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Accredited In Management (AIM) Designation

An Entry Point to the Study of Management


Course Delivery Options
Distance Education • Course transfer from Continuing Education courses at colleges and universities across Canada.

Courses from Other Institutions 

  • You may apply for academic credits from other institutions as equivalents to some of the 8 study courses, please download our Application for Education Credit form, and mail as many completed copies as necessary along with your application. 
  • Please Note: all Courses for the Certificate must be completed within six (6) years of commencement and any requests for equivalences must have been taken within six (6) years of application 

Exams and Evaluation 

  • A final examination is to be written for each course. Students are required to obtain a suitable proctor to invigilate the examination. The proctor will ensure that examination requirements are met. The course tutor must approve the choice of proctor. Possible proctors can be attorneys, teachers, chartered accountants, professional engineers, or other professionals. 


  • Candidates can work within their own time frame. A duration of 6 months is given to complete each course. However, there can be no more than a five-year break between courses. 


  • $800 per course (plus applicable taxes, and includes all learning materials) 

 Accredited in Management (AIM)   

  1. The Canadian Society of Management Professional certification is a specialized credentialing program that affirms an individual's capability to manage and potential to lead within the uppermost level of competency.  
  2. CSMP's Accredited in Management (AIM) designation is attained by meeting eligibility requirements for education and experience, and passing a program of eight online courses including the associated final exams. 
  3. This eight course program ranges from the Introduction to Management to Strategic Analysis, and the completion of such leads to the Accredited in Management (AIM) designation.

The Canadian Society of Management Professionals offers the professional designation AIM to members who have obtained or hold the following:


  1. A two-year College Diploma, with a major in Management studies, along with two years of business management experience OR
  2. A three-year College Diploma, along with two years of business management experience OR
  3. A Baccalaureate degree, along with one year of business management experience.

Accredited In Management (AIM) Designation

Accredited In Management (AIM) Designation

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