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Accredited Manager (A. Mgr.) Designation

Accredited Manager Designation

  Accredited Manager (A. Mgr.) 

  1. The Canadian Society of Management Professionals - Accredited Manager (A. Mgr.) enhances leadership skills necessary to tackle challenges today and in the future. 
  2. CSMP development programs are designed to help individuals enhance their leadership skills and help organizations build dynamic leadership teams. 
  3. The A. Mgr. Designation exemplifies an academic and practical business experience background. The Accredited Manager designation can ensure that the individual  has achieved and maintains a high level of standards, integrity and work performance required of today’s Management Professional 
  4. The Canadian Society of Management Professionals Accredited Manager (A.Mgr.) reassures the accreditation for continuing in the development of leadership skills necessary for the Management Professional.

Accredited Manager Designation

Accredited Manager (A. Mgr.)  - Requirements

  • The Canadian Society of Management Professionals offers the professional designation A. Mgr. to members who have obtained or hold the following:

  1. MBA, MPA or an equivalent degree from a recognized Business Institute along with one year of business management experience, OR
  2. Baccalaureate degree, accompanied with an accepted program in management along with three years business management experience, OR 
  3. Graduate Management diploma or other recognized certificate along with four years business management experience, OR
  4. CSMP member, with the Accredited in Management (AIM) designation, having achieved two years business management experience within a municipal, government, charitable,  for-profit organization or private business. 

Accredited Manager (A. Mgr.) Application


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