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  • CSMP values the management knowledge and experience achieved by its members. Share your passion and breath of business management knowledge sharing your perspective with other top executive-level groups. 
  • CSMP welcomes articles to be reviewed for inclusion in upcoming issues of the Canadian Management magazine.
  • Canadian Management is a digital publication of the Canadian Society of Management Professions and is free to current CSMP members.
  • Take this opportunity to share Business Management articles that impact our workplaces, business work teams and directly impact on the bottom line. The publications are read by managers in business and academia, CEOs, CFOs, directors, supervisors in a wide variety of fields.

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  • Please note that there is no publication charge for the submitted articles, nor is there an honorarium.
  • Articles should be concise and should incorporate a topic of current interest to our Business Manager Professionals. 
  • Articles should aim to be between 800 to 1500 words and not of a commercial nature or content. 
  • Authors’ are requested to submit a photo and a brief biography along with articles.
  • Please submit your article as a Google document or MS Word file. Each paper submitted will be given an editorial review for content and clarity, but we will do our best to preserve your article as presented.
  • Longer papers can be submitted with prior conscent.