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How to Apply for Program Accreditation with the  Canadian Society of Management Professionals 


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Program Accreditation

The Canadian Society of Management Professionals emphasizes highest standards programs and course deliverables. The Canadian Society of Management Professionals mandate within the accreditation process involves sound programing standards with primary attention to the fast-paced evolving social culture and economy to ensure that our members can achieve their superior management knowledge and skills.  


CSMP has embraced the fact that it needs to adapt quickly to the fast-paced higher education environment of the 21st century.  This is reflected in the management focused style and leadership practice of programing. 

Students of CSMP accreditation programs will be able to demonstrate their advanced level of all Management disciplines from solving complex business problems to the every-day ability to communicate, manage and lead their teams to success. 


Our Mission:

Preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges through the provision of affordable high quality, convenient education and knowledge.

Developing dynamic, ethical leaders for Canada and globally, who value diversity and global economic change.

The use of the advanced cutting-edge technology ensuring a delivery of a rich content-based business program.

The continual engagement of the most current research producing the most new and current knowledge in the fields of management and leadership. 

CSMP Principals & Core Values:

Clarity & Proficiency - Clearly defined programs with appropriate objectives and a commitment to uphold the condition in which these objectives are achieved. 

Competence – A higher level of education and course deliverables certifies the student’s ability to manage and lead with sound decision-making skills.


Impartiality and Independence - Review through an independent outside group of business professionals certifying programs meet today’s business benchmarks with relevant and current program content.  

Business Focus Upholding Integrity and Transparency – Continual consideration and self-monitoring at the initialization of program directed towards program quality and current business standards with ease of implementation for the student. A commitment to regularly scheduled self-assessment and evaluations of programs. 

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Questions About Program Accreditation

How will accreditation improve market position?



A CSMP accredited program will validate and enhance the experience or seasoned candidate to meet and deal with the current day-to-day business demands.  The CSMP accredited programs will provide its members with recognition within the domestic and global workplace unparalleled to none.  The successful accredited candidate will possess a highest standard brand in the practice of management and leadership critical in today’s emerging and successful organizations.

Value in CSMP accrediting your program?



Accreditation is essential to assure and improve higher education quality and standards.  An accreditation from CSMP will validate a programs compliance with the most current standards as set in both knowledge and practise in the field of business and management leadership.

What value does accreditation represent to students?



A CSMP accreditation authenticates the integrity of a program as being the best consideration when making a choice in education in business and management. Graduating from a CSMP program indemnifies and enhances the readiness employment as a highly skilled decision making and leader.  Candidates enrolling in a CSMP accredited program are waived to pay course equivalency transfer fee making such economical. 

Who should accredit?



Many institutions such as colleges or universities and post-secondary institutions that offer formal learning programs at the certificate, diploma or degree level in business and management can accredit. In today’s environment, the programs can be delivered through a variety of approved delivery methods such as classroom, online or hybrid deliveries. 

Program Accreditation Application

Canadian Society of Management Professionals - Financial Management

Canadian Society of Management Professionals - Financial Management